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Law of Forgiveness

True forgiveness is the real purpose of life, you’ve got to choose it in order to make it yours.

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HO'OPONOPONO means to make right.
 Essentially, it means to make it right with the ancestors, or to make right with the people with whom you have relationships, as well as, for the RELEASE of any type of problem, situation or block that causes stress, imbalance and dis-ease within self. We call this the Hawaiian Code of Forgiveness, because when we forgive others, whom are we forgiving? Ourselves, of course.

Self I-Dentity through HO'OPONOPONO is different in that the individual takes 100% responsibility. There is nothing that needs to be healed or fixed outside ones self. The self simply needs to release the memories replaying to allow the big Self to be revealed. One does not need to fix anyone else.

If there is a problem in your life - Self I-dentity through HO'OPONOPONO teaches that we take 100% responsibility and therefore, we have the ability to release the memory within ourselves and the problem goes away.

Returning to the Self that has no limits, where there is no separation between the Self and the Divine, where anything is possible.

There is a saying, "People are only doing the best they can with the resources they have available." If you've heard that before, it has to do with forgiveness. Think about it. As you do, consider that you are included in "people."

In the Hawaiian tradition, it is thought to be important to align and clean up any past problems that you've had in relationships, especially with relatives. Perhaps there are family patterns you do not want. Certainly you have heard the saying, "We just don't do that in our family," or "That's the way it is in our family." What happens then, is that certain generational themes get passed along in families, like sadness or any number of different traits. HO'OPONOPONO will allow you to clean this up.

But first you must brush off some of the extra piles of dirt that have fallen over you and darkened your eyes to who you really are. The flower cannot sprout or bloom if it is buried under two feet of dirt. Just like the flower, you can become the full measure of your being. You are already perfect just the way you are. It just requires a little dusting off of the dirt to allow your true self to break through the soil, sprout, grow and bloom.

THEORY: We carry inside us as parts of the Unconscious Mind, all the significant people in our lives. (These parts of us often look very much like Carl Jung's archetypes.) HO'OPONOPONO makes it "all right" with them. The process of HO'OPONOPONO is to align with and clean up our genealogy as well as to clean up our relationships with other people in our lives. To bring peace, balance and harmony in a simple and effective way by cleansing spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically through a process of repentance, forgiveness and transmutation.


  1. Bring to mind anyone with whom you do not feel total alignment or support, etc.
  2. In your mind's eye, construct a small stage below you.
  3. Imagine an infinite source of love and healing flowing from a source above the top of your head (from your Higher Self), and open up the top of your head, and let the source of love and healing flow down inside your body, fill up the body, and overflow out your heart to heal up the person on the stage. Be sure it is all right for you to heal the person and that they accept the healing.
  4. When the healing is complete, have a discussion with the person and forgive them, and have them forgive you.
  5. Next, let go of the person, and see them floating away. As they do, cut the (aka) dark cord that connects the two of you (if appropriate). If you are healing in a current primary relationship, then assimilate the person inside you.
  6. Do this with every person in your life with whom you are incomplete, or not aligned. The final test is, can you see the person or think of them without feeling any negative emotions. If you do feel negative emotions when you do, then do the process again.


  • I love You
  • I'm sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • Thank you

When you observe an undesired feeling or thought - ask yourself what is it in me that created that "feeling"?

Your super-conscious petitions divinity for release of the memory. You are addressing your subconscious, your inner child, when you repeat the 4 phrases.

Your inner child is the one who holds the memory. You are asking the child for forgiveness for holding onto the erroneous thoughts. Your petition never goes directly to divinity.

There is always the filter of our memories that transforms our petitions to what divinity eventually hears. We must clean the filters so that we can return to the original state.

As I said, it seems simple, but do not underestimate the power of technique. The key is in the awareness of our thoughts, feelings, actions and words and constant cleansing.

This gift is from Morrah Nalamaku Simeona.