Sharon Rose Biography

aquamemorySharon Rose has worked in the field of Energy Healing and Movement for over 30 years. Her professional practice in Santa Cruz, CA and globally is focused on re-educating, serving, guiding and supporting those who want to raise their vibration and awaken to the higher frequencies of Unity Consciousness.

Sharon Rose's  intimate journey with healing began early in life with two major life altering events.  The first major event was not being able assimilate or digest food, which lead to having exploratory abdominal surgery as an infant, leaving much scar tissue in her abdomen, which entwined itself throughout her organs and musculature as she grew into adulthood. These digestive issues persisted into her adult years leaving her not only chronic digestive pain every time she would eat, but also in chronic musculature/organ pain from the scar tissue. After years of trying and experimenting with all sorts of different approaches to food and diet, she found what ultiminatly worked for her ~~~ culminating in becoming mostly a 90%  "life food/vegan" for the past 30 or more years.  The second major life altering event was a near death car accident at the age of 27, where she sustained a broken neck, cranial compression that effected her brain, along with various other injuries that impacted and changed her life in numerous ways. 

All of this resulted in 40 plus years of debilitating pain and chronic health issues. Since western medicine did nothing but offer drugs, which she would not take, or tell her she was neurotic, this lead her to try anything alternative.  She started by taking total personal responsibility for her own health, healing and wellbeing moving towards unity consciousness, higher vibrational frequencies ~~~ in the process learned, became trained and certified in whatever helped her on personal journey of health and healing. This evolved into wanting to be of service to others on their journey of healing and health to unity consciousness for all of humanity.

Sharon Rose is also in service in the current Ascension process as a planetary steward participating in healing our beloved planet as a gridworker bringing back Unity Consciousness by being called to different areas of the U.S., other countries individually and with other Starseed family, as energetic placement holders dismanteling the old inorganic/dead light architecture and structures while restoring, re-encrypting, recoding and resurrecting the original organic architecture patterns to the "One Living Light" of Unity. 

Sharon holds a BA in Psychology/Movement Therapy from Antioch University and graduated from Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts in Santa Cruz, CA. certified as a Massage Therapist, Natural Health Counselor, Five-Element Acupressure Practitioner.  She is also an ordained minister.

Sharon is a certified instructor in T’ai Chi Chih and three (3) forms of  QiGong, providing group and private classes in the US and Europe.

She has three (3) years, plus advanced training and is certified as an Esoteric Healing Practitioner. She has studied and is certified in Intuitive Healing and Remote Viewing.

Sharon has studied, trained, traveled and worked with mentors, teachers and the indigenous Q’ero shamans of Peru and the Amazon, culminating in four (4) years and initiation in Incan Shamanism and Plant Spirit Medicine.   

She completed levels I/II and III in Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®  and is certified as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner™ of The Reconnection®, and Reconnective Healing® through Eric Pearl.  Sharon is also certified as a Steward/Mentor in the Hieros Gamos System of healing, compiled from the direct personal consciousness experiences of Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis.


I am dedicated to the mutual highest good of All. It is my honor and privilege to be in service to these multidimensional light frequencies; to facilitate in reconnecting you to your original divine blueprint, reclaim your sovereignty, and reconnect you to unity consciousness.”

With appreciation, gratitude and LOVE to all of my Teachers/Mentors:

1623Lisa Renee 
Dr. Eric Pearl
IIlizabeth Fortune
Connie Grauds
Don Diego
Rita Rivera
Marti Spiegelman
Juan and Fernando
Judith Pynn
Rumiel Rothschild
Helen Frankland
Iona Teeguarden
Ed & Noel Altman 
Justin Stone
Richard Brier
John Zielinski
Kathlyn Hendricks
Alexandra Sheppard
Jonnie Zheutlin
And All My Unseen Spirit Guides and Plant Teachers

My Animals Teachers/Mentors:
Big Kitty and Baby Kitty