"I wanted to again thank you for the Reconnection you did for/with me. I know I told you then what an amazing experience it was, but I don't think I told you the following: a week before my Reconnection I broke one of my toes against the corner of the bed. Very painful for sure! I also had a fullblown cold at the time of my sessions with you. After the sessions my cold disappeared completely and my toe was healed! It wasn't the focus of the sessions, but it happenend nonetheless!"
Thanks again, Sharon!

 "Sharon is amazing.  The healing and the Reconnective Process she provided to me are powerful.
Sharon does not direct energy to a specific trauma or physical issue.  The healing flows and goes where the body or the heart and soul need it to go.  
Sharon does not speak a word.   
This makes healing with Sharon a profound experience.  The healing she provided to me is one of the most astounding experiences I have had.  In 60 years.  
After the healing, I felt clean, peaceful of heart and mind.  Problems with my back were immediately gone. Things that had haunted me for years were released and no longer present in my being.  
During the session I felt electrically and “atom”-ically different.  I could feel the atoms and the cellular nature of my body, heart, mind and essence change.  I experienced a cosmic “buzzing” that was not heard but was felt by me.
I could feel my mind; body and soul expand, and then, come back together in a manner that cannot be described. 
I felt re-connected with the muses of words and song writing.  
Sharon provides healing in a very heartfelt and way."
Rober Atilan

 "Sharon is authentic, honest and universally caring. I have experienced the Reconnective Healing process provided by Sharon.   She is a master healer.  She did not ask me to write this testimonial.  It works; it is very healing and a highly productive enterprise in which to participate and to be a recipient of her healing powers.

One is enlivened and healed by the Reconnective Healing as it is facilitated by Sharon. Specific childhood traumas, which had haunted me for years, were released in one session with Sharon. Specific physical ailments were gone after the same session. 

The process of Reconnective Healing is fascinating at several levels. I have two degrees from the University of California, at Santa Cruz, for psychology, and at Berkeley, for a master’s degree in the healing arts.  I have been a healer and a licensed psychotherapist for over thirty years. I have directed and administered health organizations and have been a hypnotherapist for many years.  

I understand most aspects of hypnotherapy, its ideomotor unconscious responses, and response attentiveness.    
Ideomotor responses are unconscious movements by the body in which the power of the unconscious, the soul and the heart indicate their desire and willingness to be healed. One cannot, by the conscious mind, or thought, replicate these ideomotor responses. 

In my session with Sharon, I had profound ideomotor responses. There is a school of thought that our conscious minds or thought processes can get in the way and subvert true healing. This is why people respond well to hypnotherapy. 

The conscious mind is “moved” elsewhere so it cannot subvert true healing. There is a professional school of thought that people have an inherent “psychological reactance” or “resistance” to change or healers “working with the conscious mind”.   

What is fascinating and most powerful about a healing with Sharon is that all ideomotor responses, healings provided to me, and others, by Sharon is that; ALL healings are done with NO Verbal Discussion by Sharon. 
Therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE for the conscious mind or thought process to subvert healing.  This is phenomenal, unique and radically different from any healing I ever received or ever provided to any client I assisted in 30 years. Healing energy is facilitated by Sharon from the Higher Powers. It works. The healing is Profound. As is the case with true art, experiences and healing, they cannot be truly described by words. 

Sharon is pure of heart, a true and gifted healer. She holds the people for whom she is providing healing in the highest regard.  I have known thousands of healers in my professional and personal life. I have provided psychotherapy and healing to people and supervised many healers in a 30-year career as a healer. Sharon is one of the two best healers that I know.  

True healers are rare in this world. Sharon was born to heal. She has followed her calling her entire life.  Sharon is the REAL DEAL of Healers."

Donald Lawrence, BA Psychology
Masters in Clinical Social Work and Administration 

 "I highly recommend Sharon as a somatic practitioner of the highest order. I have known Sharon for many years and I have witnessed how her integrity and commitment to her own personal journey is extended to her clients.

We have worked together many times and her complete joy and presence creates a heart-full foundation for transformation and healing. Don't miss an opportunity to experience her work and the gentle guidance that allows for a deepening into the body, mind, spirit, and integration."

Rita Rivera
Santa Cruz, CA

 "I spent over three years working with Sharon on a weekly basis. Our sessions were comprised of three parts. Initially, we conversed about the emotions, reactions, or physical sensations I experienced over the past week, focusing on long-held belief systems and situations where I would fall into automatic behavior. Sharon was well versed when discussing dream imagery and ways of knowing, effectively honing in on the message of an experience and helping me come to my own realizations about my participation in and creation of my reality. After assessing the current state of my body/mind/spirit, she determined what energetic approach would be most effective for that particular session. Following a session, she usually suggested homework that could include exercises, nutrition changes, readings, writing topics for self-reflection, or ceremonies for release. Additionally, we frequently had a follow-up phone call later in the week to make sure that I was comfortable with what I was experiencing and that any questions or concerns were addressed. All that we did, from therapeutic conversation to energy work to post-treatment homework and phone follow-up, helped me stay focused on moving into a healthier way of being.

Sharon’s thorough approach exemplifies her genuine love for her clients and support for their path of growth. Being Sharon’s client is not a role of receiving, but as an active participant in the process. She is willing to share her knowledge and help the client understand what is happening along the way. And during this process, the client is gently guided to become better in-tune with the physical and emotional aspects of the self, to develop a spirit-supportive practice, and to take responsibility for their life, happiness, and health.

Working with Sharon was both healing and transformational. With her help, I have made major advances in becoming more heart-centered, relaxed, healthy, and whole. Since wellness is not a static end, I feel well equipped by my sessions with Sharon. I have greater awareness, adaptability, and techniques that will help me maneuver through the ebb and flow of life. I am grateful for our time together and will continue to call on Sharon as a friend, healer, and guide."

Heather Weyers

 "What set you apart from the "professionals" was that you really listened to me, you worked with me as a partner, you respected my knowledge of my body, and had a vast body of knowledge to draw upon.
...You truly ARE a healer. You helped to heal my body and just as important, my spirit."

June G. Malone, Ph.D.

 "I have been blessed to be in the spiritual world and natural world that surrounds Sharon Mazer. One does not get the true measure of someone until they have spent time with them in their world...Sharon has true beauty, spirit and medicine in her heart, and is a true and spiritual healer."

-Koknu Lady Patrick

 "Sharon is caring, supportive, clear, articulate and seemed very comfortable with the patients...I highly recomend Sharon as an instructor/trainer in either a group or individual setting. She is an outstanding teacher and role model of T'ai Chi."

–Timothy E. Sinnott, MFCC, CADC
Supervisor, Behavioral Health Services, Dominican Hospital

 "Sharon Mazer is a masterful teacher of Tai Chi and Chi Gong. I always feel safe in her classes. I have never fallen. She has also made my practice fun. She has taught me five forms, with modeling rather than criticism. I highly recommend her as a teacher."

-Hunter Reeve
Aptos, CA

 How Qigong Changed My Life:

"I’m not sure I can even begin to describe how Qigong has inspired me and changed my life.
I do know for a fact that Qigong has improved my health and well-being in many different ways. Healthwise, my circulation is better. My lower back pain is gone. I have a lot more energy. And my allergies have gotten a lot better. And even more importantly, emotionally speaking, I’m much more grounded and secure and a lot happier. In the past, I used to rush around a lot and not really feel like I was in my body. It almost felt like I had retreated somewhere very far away or checked out.

I think that when you start doing Qigong, you begin a very long and rewarding journey, and it’s very important to have the right teacher to help you on your way. Sharon has been that special person for me. And I’m very grateful to her for all she has done for me.

Sharon has taught me a lot about compassion and wisdom. She’s always very accepting and has a very kind heart. Sharon knows how powerful Qigong is and has a great passion for her practice.

Qigong has taught me a very valuable lesson. I’ve come to learn over the years that by putting my focus on what I desire—in my case, by putting my focus on feeling balanced and secure while practicing Qigong—I’ve actually encouraged those things to come into my life. It’s really happening. This sounds way too easy, I know, but it’s really true, what we focus on we become.

Qigong is about going inside and getting in touch with your inner power and inner peace. It’s also about trusting, being disciplined, and being creative. It teaches you that you have the skills to live your life in an honorable way and to be an honorable person, a more spiritual person.

Qigong has taught me to trust and believe in myself again—it’s my inner church. Basically, Qigong is a prayer that’s done with one’s mind, body, and soul, and it’s very magical. It has allowed me to experience the truth and beauty of life again, to find out who I really am. I owe a lot to an ancient tradition and all its masters. Qigong has allowed me to find peace and understanding and light and has truly changed my life!"

Joanna Aria
Aptos, CA

 "I can’t believe it was 15 years ago when I first met Sharon Mazer and began going to her T’ai Chi classes. I was in the midst of battling breast cancer after my husband had died only four years earlier of lymphoma cancer and my sister had died one year earlier of pancreatic cancer. I was very scared and following the doctors’ orders by having a mastectomy and taking the tamoxifen, but I wanted to do more. I wanted something that would involve my body, mind and spirit since I suspected that my mind and spirit had something to do with my body breaking down to allow the cancer. I was out of work and didn’t have any money for therapy. I heard about Sharon’s free class for cancer patients at the Veteran’s building in downtown Santa Cruz.

Sharon’s classes became very important to me and I never missed a class. She showed me how to make those muscles gently get back into operation after the mastectomy and how to hold my whole body so that it would be relaxed and comfortable in any position. I still remember all the movements. Every class started with us talking about our week and it was the kind of gentle therapy for mind and spirit, which I needed. Sharon and I are still friends and so are several of the people who are now cancer survivors who were in the class.

Love you Sharon."

Joanne Calkins
Santa Cruz, CA

 "Sharon thanks for all of your medicine. Your spirit has helped to ease the pain during this difficult process. I continue to do T’ai Chi everyday and find peace in those beautiful movements. At times, the fabric between here and these dissolves into a single gauzy veil.

You are a kind, beautiful woman."

Campbell, CA