Our birthright is to be in direct communion with God/Love/Universe to be self-sustaining, self-healing beings.

The love upon The True Nature of Healing, which healing is based, is the love upon which ALL life and the universe are founded. It’s the all-encompassing love of creation and consciousness. It is that love that brings about the power that made the body, to heal the body. This is when the transformation takes place.  This is Love.

Healing, as we often tend to think of it, is about the alleviation of symptoms, dis-eases, infirmities, and other noticeable hindrances to full functioning. Healing does not always mean a cure.

A cure involves fixing a remedial outer problem. Healing is broader, more global and complete. Healing is the restoration of the person to spiritual wholeness, transforming one’s life, though it may not always produce a cure. Healing results from an experience of connecting to Source, the Divine, or Infinity. One gets a sense of newfound peace, self-empowerment, acceptance of what is, forgiveness and the experience of connecting with all of life. This is healing. Healing is about our souls’ journey of evolution, and our reconnection to the universe on a new level.  This is the True Nature of Healing ~~~~ it is LOVE.

The True Nature of Healing