pet and animal healing

I am in service and dedicated to healing ALL of the the ANIMAL KINGDOMS, who at this time are also going through their own evoltionary cycle and vibrational upgrade into the higher vibrational dimensions ~~~ sometimes taking on clearing the planetary, humanities myasmia, as well as, reflecting some of your own health issues.  I may sometimes may suggest a healing for you or a family member, to ensure your animal companion doesn't continue to reabsorb your energies on any particular health or behavioral issue, as they commonly will do.  

I am grateful to provide and facilitate The Heiros Gamos System (HGS), or Reconnective Healing, a mult-dimensional healing intellgence directed from Source. These healings are conducted in person or long distance through an energetic and intuitive connection. Unencumbered by the ego desires that we’re challenged with (they’re in the present moment), animals are "open" perfect vessels to receive these healings. As a living consciousness field, this non-invasive and completely gentle healing, brings the precise healing required to meet your pet companion or  animals needs and in congruence with the current planetary frequency upgrade which they very sensitive to. They will appreciate you for the love and care you bestow on them.

Many people are beginning to once again return to the ways of the native people(s) knowing that we all interconnected to the Earth, nature, animal kingdoms ~~~ and to tune in to the messages of the animals, their spirit essence and truly hear them speak knowing we are capable of speaking back in the universal language of LOVE. As we listen to all the animals we will recognize the great urgency which they are calling out to us for our help.

Animals are wonderful teachers of Acceptance, Surrender, Patience, Discernment, NOW MOMENT PRESENCE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE if we pay attentention, observe, listen. This has been my own personal experience of being with and doing healing work on all of my Beloved animal children, as well as being in service to pet clients and a variety of animals performing healing work.  I am constantly learning from them, even during the dying process.