All sessions are by appointment only.  Sessions are available in person, long distance or by skype.

A typical first session may last between 1 and 2 hours.  During this time my intension is to get an overview of who you are. I will often ask to about things you may not have been asked before, such as do you meditate,  journal, or keep a dream journal,  if you exercise (how many times during the week) and what form does your workout take, eating habits, what types of healing modalities have you tried or are currently doing,  are you taking any supplements/herbs/homopathics or meds.  This helps me establish an understanding of you and what is happening within your bodymind, emotions and where you are on your spiritual/evolutionary path, as well as determine how we can best work together.

How many sessions you need will depend on what service(s) or healing modality you may want to focus on.

Regretfully charges will be incurred for missed or cancelled appointments without 24 hours notice.


The Reconnection®(The $333 covers two (2) 1-hour sessions over a 2 day period)



Reconnective Healing®(Approximately 1 hour - 1.5 hour )



Long Distance Healing(Approximately 1 hour)



Animal/Pet Healing(Approximately 1 hour)


$ 85.00
Innner Alchemy Lifestyle Mentoring Packages available 
          (fee is dependent on type of service required/requested)
Call for pricing  


Please feel free to email for Locations of Qigong/T’ai Chi Chih Classes.

Method of Payment:
Cash, Check, Pay Pal, Credit Card

 To Schedule Your Appointment or For More Information Contact Sharon

Sharon is available for workshops, retreats, and informal talks.