As individuals and the planet have come to the end of an evolutionary cycle, and the beginning of a "new evoluntionary cycle" we as HUmanity, have the opportunity if we desire, to make a shift in consciousness at this time. Navigating this process can be intense as the very core foundations of our beliefs and perceived reality is challenged. Mentoring is the practice of transmitting survival information and spiritual wisdom from a confidante who is ahead of us on a path to which we aspire. This transmission takes the form of ongoing guidance and emotional support. The person being mentored is sometimes called a mentee, protégé (male), or protégée (female). The mentor is usually older than the person being mentored, but not always. (Read more under Articles Tab).

 Inner Alchemy Lifestyle Mentoring is a co-creative relationship to re-educate, support, and guide you through taking and learning personal responsibilty for your own health, wellbeing, healing and ascension/evolution by looking and going within oneself to connect to your Inner Higher Self for Divine guidance instead of looking to the external.  

My own journey/path has been challenging at times, also exciting, beautiful and unexpected.  To have the support from another who has experienced this can be comforting, as well as necessary at various times during this process of creating a new, updated or different approach to your wellbeing, healing or lifestyle.   I offer this support as it is needed.  As a co-creative partnership Inner Alchemy Mentoring is a wholistic gateway to meet  you wherever you are in your process. You can choose one or more options or individual packages that are made available in person or vitual (via Skype):

The Hieros Gamos System (HGS)

Is a template of Inner Alchemy healing to Unify the Spirit in its own Divine Sacred Marriage (Sacred Marriage of a HUman Being with their Divinity) and to assist in reconnecting each person to their Authentic Self. The HGS ultimately is a tool to allow one to develop individual sovereignty over their own healing journey and evolution as a person.  I am currently offering individual mentoring to those wanting guidance during their own process through the Calibration and HGS, as well as HGS facilitated energetic healing sessions.  Visit the Hieros Gamos site for more information.

Inner Alchemy Processing

As one begins to go deeper ~~~  emotional, physical, mental and spiritual issues will start to surface that have not been dealt with or just going deeper into another level or layer.   I will help support and guide you through this process in whatever arises during or after any session work sometimes giving you "homework".  This can also be a stand alone individual mentoring with or without session work.

T'ai Chi Chih or Qigong/Inner Alchemy Moving Meditation

As many find it difficult to sit and meditate this is an alternative way to meditate to bring you into deeper awareness to your inner core connection, learn to balance, center and circulate your Life Force (Qi) for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as a greater connection to your Higher Self.  Private, Small Group Classes available in person or through Skype.


I will work with you in teaching and guiding you through different forms of breathwork to relief stress bringing you back to the present moment, wholeness  and peace.  This can be a stand alone practice or part of taking T'ai Chi or Qigong.

Nutritional Support and Guidance

Going through this process may create changes in digestion and food requirements ~~~  needing to upgrade or modify own's diet and supplements, etc.  I will help guide, mentor and support you in this process.




I make no claims, promises, guarantees, representations or warranties in the Hieros Gamos System (HGS) or The Reconnection/Reconnective Healing regarding medical diagnosis, previous condition, medical treatment, or psychiatric disorders and are neither diagnosing, curing, nor treating specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for you own medical care.  If you are presently under the care of medical doctors, any psychiatric professional(s) or treatment center you are advised and it is your responsibility to let them know of any other treatments that you are undergoing.