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galaxieswithinReconnective Healing® is a life-changing feeling experience, introducing you to the higher frequencies/vibrations that are now coming into our awareness at this time of Planetary and Humanites Ascension.  Since all energy is consciousness and consciousness energy, you are opened and expanded in new ways to begin experiencing your multi-dimensional nature, giving you a direct feeling body experience rather then one of being in your personality/mental body with regards to healing bodymind and spirit.   As you become reconnected into the new higher frequencies of energy, you may begin to feel changes inside your own body, such as feeling your body expanding or growing larger, a lightness of being, recieving information in the form of colors, visions, words, taste, smell, etc. and WHO and WHAT we truly are:  A SPIRITUAL BEing having a Human experience.   The higher frequencies/vibrations become part of you; it is a state of BEING where you Are are these higher vibration energies and it is You.

As a facilitator/practitioner of Reconntive Healings, ~~~ I do not diagnose or treat any specific health challenges or try to “direct” the healing in any way by personality or ego.  The healings come about directly through Unity and Oneness with Source ~~~ allowing you to discover your Divine Nature. These Reconnective Healing frequencies are self-adjusting, self-regulating and are highly palpable energies initiated at the beginning of your session and will continue unfolding with you long after your session has ended. By being open and expanded in this new way, it reconnects you to the Universe and an entirely new bandwidth of higher frequencies/vibration, allowing for becoming aligned to your own Divine Nature or Higher Self,  so you can begin to co-create with Source rather than from your ego or what society dictates we should do or be. It is healing, truly coming from the unconditional Law of One/Law of Love, God Source allowing for true sovereign freedom for the first time ever on this planet.

Reconnective Healing® can aid in healing health challenges such as cancers, fibromyalgia, trauma, addictions, depression, AIDS related diseases, and also helped to alleviate and promote healing in chronic conditions/pain and post-surgery. Even those with no health challenges, often find a new sense of wonder, purpose and richness in life upon experiencing Reconnective Healing. 

If you accept that Reconnective Healing is mediated through a Higher or Universal intelligence, and that the result will be what’s most appropriate regardless of what you think it should be - you will leave with a healing beyond what you ever imagined.


O hidden Life,

vibrant in every atom,

O hidden Light,

shining in every creature,

O hidden Love,

embracing all in oneness,

May all who feel themselves

as one with three,

Know they are therefore

one with every other.

~~~ Annie Besant








I make no claims, promises, guarantees, representations or warranties in the The Reconnection/Reconnective Healing regarding medical diagnosis, previous condition, medical treatment, or psychiatric disorders and are neither diagnosing, curing, nor treating specific health challenges.  You are solely responsible for you own medical care.  If you are presently under the care of medical doctors, any psychiatric professional(s) or treatment center you are advised and it is your responsibility to let them know of any other treatments that you are undergoing.