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Earthgrid.jpgThe Reconnection® is a process that becomes the bridge for Reconnective Healing® to take place. The intent of The Reconnection is to open, empower, embody your Souls Life Path and mission in this lifetime. This can come about through unexpected or synchronistic circumstances that manifest, or unfold in its own divine time frame, not from linear time or one's personal ego. It is through reconnecting and attuning to the new higher frequencies/vibrations that allows The Reconnection to take place. It is intimately related to the Ascension and the evolution of Unity Consciousness our Higher Self, Humanity, the Elemental Kingdoms and Planet.

Originally, the meridian lines (acupuncture lines) on our bodies were connected to magnetic grid lines (lay lines) that encircle the Earth. These lines cross at acknowledged power vortices on the planet and its entire grid system. These lines were designed to continue out and connect us to a vastly larger grid system, tying us to the entire Cosmos/Universe. At some point in time, Humanity became disconnected from these axiatonal and planetary grid lines. We lost the fullness of our inherent connection to the Universe,  our multi-dimensional self's; causing distance, separation from our Source, our Higher Self, each other and the Cosmos. These axiatonal lines are part of a parallel-dimensional circulatory energy grid system that ties us back into the gridlines of the Earth and those emanating beyond the Earth. 

The Reconnection is a co-creation at the highest vibrational interaction with Source and the Oness of All. The Reconnection is working with your original core matrix blueprint level, unmanifest/morphanigenic quantium level of the body through the Universal. It is process of healing that reencrypts, recalibrates, restructures, and recodes your DNA to the higher frequencies/vibrations that are now coming into our planet for the first time ever. It is reconnecting with who we once were (our orginal 12 strands of DNA) ~~~ our Original Divine Blueprint.

The Reconnection requires two (2) sessions to fully reactivate and reconnect someone to their axiatonal lines. The first session helps to “open the vessel” or “clean out” the energy system, while the second deepens the connection. After the two (2) sessions, you are fully Reconnected. Additional sessions are not required. This is reconnecting to the Unity Consciousness grid, allowing for this recoding, reencrypting and recalibration to take place and Reconnect you to the Oness of All .  This work is done energetically, (hands off the body) meaning I'm working in the subtle energies bodies ~~~ not on the physical body  itself.

It’s important to remember that receiving a Reconnection is the beginning of a journey of Shifting on all levels. You continue your process of Acension/evolvement, both on a healing level and a life path level, long after your Reconnection has been completed. By connecting to these new realms of light frequencies/vibrations, you embody, empower your God, Self-Sovereign Freedom to truly know WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE ~~~ bringing healing, harmony and balance directly to our Planet and all of the Elemental kingdoms as well.




I make no claims, promises, guarantees, representations or warranties in the The Reconnection/Reconnective Healing regarding medical diagnosis, previous condition, medical treatment, or psychiatric disorders and are neither diagnosing, curing, nor treating specific health challenges.  You are solely responsible for you own medical care.  If you are presently under the care of medical doctors, any psychiatric professional(s) or treatment center you are advised and it is your responsibility to let them know of any other treatments that you are undergoing.